Company Details

Company Name: DeGlosol Zimbabwe Pvt Ltd
Telephone: (09) 889742
Cell phone:+263 772 947 559 / +263 717 487 426

DeGlosol Zimbabwe is a leading geoscientist institution with an industry reputation for performance, quality and reliability.

Operating in Africa has seen a multitude of projects in different countries culminate in safe global operations.

Managing director, Godsave Sibanda, is one of the leading geoscientists in Zimbabwe to develop ongoing hybrid geoscientists. He is supported by a board of experienced shareholders, each with years of experience in different industries such as aviation safety, oil and gas, precious & non-precious stones & metals mining and project management.

DeGlosol Zimbabwe is a dynamic operator, owning a variety of geological, geophysical and survey software. With approximately 20 projects annually (globally) ranging in size from relatively small to major works, DeGlosol Zimbabwe has built and developed the skills, technology and people to
ensure there are no projects too large or small to deliver on.

From Government, Infrastructure, Oil and gas, Agriculture, and Project Property Development, DeGlosol Zimbabwe has covered operations across a broad number of industries, allowing us to develop effective and efficient processes for each sector.