DeGlosol Zimbabwe is committed to providing solutions and add value for its customers. To provide reduced delivery times and cost savings strategies.
DeGlosol Zimbabwe is recognised as an industry leader in project management, geoscientific work and surveying.

These services are provided to a broad customer base primarily in the following market sectors:
 Project Management: Exploration and Mining.
 Geophysics consultancy
 Geological consultancy
 Environmental compliance
 Aerial Survey: Pits, Dumps – DSM, DTM etc.
 Construction: Subsurface Void Analysis, CBR’s
 Hydrogeology: Ground water delineation.


DeGlosol Zimbabwe provides full detail design services and / or supplement owner / consultant designs to identify value opportunities through detailed scientific reviews.

Our scientific staff are long standing industry experts with vast technical competence and experience who engage with our specialist technology partners to ensure appropriate value solutions are identified and implemented
on our projects.

This technical competence is demonstrated by our commitment to serving the industry on various external committees and associations.

DeGlosol Zimbabwe is committed to provide value solutions for its customers and to provide reduced delivery time, cost savings, enhanced functionality, safer and with minimal environmental impact.