About Us

De Glosol Pvt Ltd is:

De Glosol (Pvt) Ltd is a professional Zimbabwean geological and geophysical consulting company, de Glosol was established in 2007 to provide a wide range of geological services to the mineral exploration and mining industries.
de Glosol has grown into a dynamic and reputable consulting company.


Our competitive advantages set us apart:
We are team of geoscientists, with extensive experience in the industry, coupled with deep knowledge of the geology of Africa. We are Zimbabwean exploration experts who have a successful track record in many African countries and who know how to discover world-class mineral deposits in the Africa. We are a team of professional explorationists with experience in the private mining sector, thus guaranteeing very high standards in project management and execution, geo-technical matters, governance, health and safety practices, as well as business ethics.

We are Zimbabwean professional geoscientists with wide networks and proven experience in advisory services including: negotiating, building crucial relations. In addition we have a comprehensive understanding of the socio-political backgrounds, the cultural diversity and business environments that characterise African countries.

We are a team of Zimbabweans with the aptitude, passion, energy and positive attitude that is key for being successful in our continent’s diverse and complex environments.

Our team