Our services include:

  • Mining property sales and investment advisory services
  • Geo-technical services for the construction industry including dams, roads and buildings.
  • Consultancy services for securing tenure and legal support on tenure
  • Project assessments, with expertise on early stage or greenfields projects
  • Legal and Operational Due Diligence
  • Technical Due Diligence
  • Project Management: design, plan and execution of minerals exploration projects (up to “resource evaluation”) – practical operational expertise in Africa.
  • Broad network of contacts as well as potential investors and in the exploration/mining business in Africa.
  • Deep network in the government sectors of several African countries

DeGlosol Zimbabwe offers a variety of different solutions for managed Geographic Information System services and Geospatial Consulting.

We offer the ultimate management tool for large and small scale mapping and surveying.

Traditional systems for mapping and surveying are limited in application, costly and time consuming. Being able to capture much more reliable and accurate data with high resolution allows us to map large scale areas with precision, accuracy and a quick turnaround time.

We create a managed GIS service package whereby each area of interest (AOI) is monitored, managed and reported on instantly allowing delivery of:

Geospatial consulting
Software development
Remote sensing and photogrammetry (survey)
• Training services
• Custom Web based platforms

Our Managed Services address the growing demand from users looking to reduce cost and risk by leveraging intelligent mapping capabilities without incurring overheads for maintenance, support hardware and infrastructure. Our solutions are broad ranging and scalable, including:

• Data validation and analysis
• Geological and Geophysical reconnaissance
• 2D special displays.
• 3D modelling
• Surveying of dumps and pits for volumetric analysis
• High resolution multispectral imagery
• High resolution land cover data
• Tree canopy height data
• Vegetation health data
• Percentage Deforestation / Reforestation /
Afforestation in each AOI from the previous interval
• Surveying & mapping of natural disasters –
earthquakes, storms and hurricanes, floods and flood
damage, landslides, tsunamis, mudslides, volcanic
eruptions etc.
• Surveying, management and mapping of catastrophes
plane crashes, train crashes, car crashes, bush fires
• Surveying and mapping of vegetation cover,
forestry, farm land, plant growth or devastation
• Coastal and tidal mapping
• Mapping of industrial zones and excavation sites
• Mapping of the spread of algae, and water weeds
• Mapping and surveying for Precision agriculture

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